Animal cards with letters

More than a year ago i cut out pictures from old calendars and made first forest animal cards for Toms. He does not play with them every day, but he likes to see the animals now and then and ask for their names.

Lately my toddler has been very curious about letters and, as i found some (again from old calendar) foreign animal images, i decided to make more animal cards, this time adding them first letters (also for the old ones). For quite a long time i could not decide wether to write letters using a stencil or use letter stickers, but in the end i stayed with letter stamps from “Flying Tiger”.

The first time i made the cards using PVA glue and i was not too satisfied with a result. Why? Because it was hard not to leave air bubbles and avoid every smallest mullock not to glue in. Besides the whole process took a lot of time because of necessity to keep freshly glued cards under pressure .

So this time i decided to try with double adhesive film and i am very satisfied with a result! The only minus is bigger costs.

What You need:

  • animal pictures
  • double sided adhesive film
  • cardboard
  • knife and ruller and preferably guillotine
  • letter stamps
  • white acrilic color
  • small piece of make-up sponge (2 x 2cm)

At first i cut animal pictures the same size as previous ones – 11 x 11cm. After i cut cardboard in the same size pieces.

Also i cut the adhesive film, only a little bit smaller size -10,8 x 10,8cm.

Next step is to glue everything together. At first i glue animal images with adhesive film and them glue them on cardboard. To do it precisely, at first i unfold just few cm from one corner of adhesive film, then align remaining 3 corners to image and only then i put down the unfolded corner. Then i slowly take off all the safety paper starting from already glued corner, pushing down the adhesive at the same time.

When cards are done, i take a make-up sponge, put white acrilic paint on it and use it as stamp pad to get white letters. Original black one is good only for polar bear card.

The hardest part is to clean the stamps from acrilic color, but it can be done by carefuly taking of paint like a film when it is completely dry.


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