Visit Kupiškis in summer!

Visit Kupiskis in summer for a few days! Its a beautiful Lithuanian town, which aims to be the most attractive place for water tourism and water sports in Northern Lithuania, offering clean and safe environment together with qualitative water tourism.

There are 19 lakes in Kupiskis district and the biggest of all is artifical Kupiskis reservoir, made in 20th century 80-ies by building a dam on Levuo river. Also there are many marshes and nature reserves. The town name Kupiskis was originated from river Kupa name on which both banks it is situated.

We were visiting this place mostly for 4 nature elements (water, air, earth and fire) festival “F2 – Stichijos 2” to support 2 Latvian and 2 Lithuanian powerboat drivers in F2 Europe and F4 World Championships, but there were so much more to see and do: musical concerts, fire show, planes, flyboard, fair, barefoot trail (for free), ride in F2 powerboat, there were many chill zones with hammocks, camp site, atractions for kids and, of course, classy relaxation near water.

We were sleeping in festival campsite near Kupiskis reservoir (in the map this is the place where Kupiskis is bordering on Aukstupenai), nearby wooden bridge joins to Uosves liezuvis island, where most of festival – stages and fair – happened. Emplacement of reservoir and island makes it perfect for visitors of any water-sport championship.

We came here Friday noon, settled down and took a walk through all festival teritory. Saturday was very hot, so we stayed there, watched the race hiding in shades and waded in water. Evening came with thunderstorms and rain occasionally continued through all Sunday, so we didn’t have a chance to see as much of Kupiskis and festival as we would have wanted. But we did enjoy paddles, thats for sure!

Nevertheless we are the kind of people who does everything to find the time to see as much as we can even when the event we came to takes all day.  So between rain and races we took a walk to closest tourism object to us – Kupiskio Aukstupenu castle-mound. And how good that we did! The view from the mound is fantastic (so fantastic that i didn’t take a picture of course).

Even though nothing has left from the ancient castle, the castle model in stoune makes the walk here more interesting. You see this model and start imagining where exactly the castle were, how it all looked like.

And of course highs and lows of the mound was real adventure to our little cyclist – with his words: “it wasn’t easy.”


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