Soon to be 3!

So soon to be three. I don’t know how the time flew so quickly, how we are together day by day already for whole three years… I am sure some of you know that feeling, don’t you?


Three – it really feels so much already, he is such a mini version of grown-up, but still a baby, you know. Three – it is somehow a magical number and it has been a huge jump in his growth. I won’t speek about some mythical or mysthical crisis, because i am not sure they are a real thing, but i want to tell you how Toms’ speech has improved from not being able to tell an easiest rhyme in Christmas, because all his words sounded almost the same, to ability to tell how he feels, what he wants or doesn’t want, to ask all the normal and the strangest questions (how to turn off the sun? why these are mommies shoes but these are daddys?) and to tell about everything he sees around in full sentences (when driving in a car – there is a forest at my side, there is not a forest in yours, mom! i see tractor in my window, daddy, daddy, there is a tractor in my side, red tractor!).

Together with speech revolution, there comes big growth in his independence. While i am happy about it and it is a good thing, there are also side efects like running away from parents just to run away from parents. And it is hard and terrifying and dangerous. And you can’t do anything else than just catch him and tell again and again how running away is dangerous in public places and that he will have his chance to run away in our yard as much as he wants. And all those “clever” advices about letting to run away, because he will see noone is running after him, get scared and run back, they just don’t work and are way too much more dangerous, because brave toddlers don’t even think about looking back, at least in first few hundred meters.

Maybe i should have started with letters when speeking about the speech, because Toms first wanted to learn letters and only then he started to talk in full words and sentences. He found letters everywhere himself – in advertisement banners, signboards… He gave me pencils and asked to draw letters instead of cars. He started drawing letters himself in the sand. Because of that big interest i downloaded an app with Latvian ABCs for few € and it was a good help with speech also. I know, i know everything about the screen time, but Samsung kids mode is very good help with that. And that part of kids mode where kido gets to clean beaver’s teeth has helped with everyday teeth cleaning routine. But about letters – someone gave me a hint i shouldn’t teach letters to two year old. But you know what, i think that we have to catch what our kids are interested about in given moment, no matter if it is letters, insects or music. Everyone is different.

This year we felt that Toms becomes ready for kindergarden – he started to ask about other children and meeting them more frequently. Soon we will start going to real kindergarden, but last half of year we have been preparing by going to home-kindergarden for few hours time to time. I will tell about all of that later and i hope it will be as positive story as possible!


Strangest thing i have hard about myself this year is that i can manage to do all harmoniously. Oh, i can’t manage to do all at all! 😀 I have no idea how i have made that kind of impression, but i don’t think it is possible to try to do all that at least ten different things and duties at once harmoniously. However there is a small hint of truth, because i try to concentrate on positive things and i try not to worry about things we can’t affect. Sometimes i just observe my toddler to understand him better. And of course it might end with something poured out on the whole floor, but observing gives so much information.


Independence and keenness are something! Few months ago i thought i will fall asleep while putting Toms to bed for few more years, but one day he tells me i can’t come to bed if i haven’t changed to nightgown. So now i tell him goodnight and say i am going to change and brush my teeth and he fells asleep alone. Sometimes he waits for me and comes looking when i am away for too long – then of course i do change and go to sleep with him, but the fact is everything is changing.

Thats how they grow – so madly fast, we can’t even notice when. Three! Oh my, it is almost half to school age and i do not wan’t to think about it! This day and this moment – it is the best thing we own each day.


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