Simple Quiet Activities #2

After previous 4 quiet activities post i received good reviews and that is the best motivation to keep up with similar posts. By this time we have tried many new activities with which i want to inspire you now! It doesn’t matter if you are a full time mom/dad, who needs his coffee break, or parent working from home, who needs a time for work, or you are working parent and your kindergardener needs a peaceful evening activity (or morning activity while parents get ready for work) – quiet activities come handy in every family.

Again i will be showing different materials which can be used in many variations. There are some activities Toms likes most and doesn’t want any changes in them. And other ones i offer to him, when it seems that kid doesn’t know what he wants himself. And sometimes i think of something new to divert kid’s attention from cartoons.


If you search web for homemade sand, you will find plenty of different recipes. One of most popular are moon sand, but there are still more than one recipe for them. I tried with following ingredients:

  • flour
  • sugar
  • oil


We took flour and sugar in similar proportions and added a little bit of oil. In most recipes children cosmetic oil was used, but i chose edible oil in case Toms tries to taste the sand. Toms basically made the sand himself, i just gave him all the ingredients.

Result turned out similar to dough – it is easy to press out different forms, maybe this sand is a little bit similar to kinetic sand only coarser. Only thing i don’t exactly like  – it is a little bit greasy and we have to wash it off from every sand toy with soap.


If you want something similar but not so greasy, then you can try flour or corn starch alone.


For this activity i suggest to take deeper tray, so the sand would stay inside as much as possible. Best toys for sand are classical sand toys, construction cars, mini buckets, muffin forms etc.




Cotton ball activities are one of TOP activities in pinterest and mommy blogs. Their positive characteristics: wide choice of colors and sizes (the smaller is a child, the bigger size balls you should choose, but i wouldn’t give them to babies, who still puts everything in their mouse) and activities with them are really quiet.



Kids can sort cotton balls by color, throw in bottles (as well as chestnuts to train their fingers), take them with tweezers, pour from one bowl to another, count, sort by size. One thing we haven’t tried yet is playing with cotton balls in a bath.


In my opinion best prices for cotton balls are in ebay and ali-express online stores.



We have used to find pipe cleaners in handcraft sets for bigger kids, but there is one activity smaller kids likes a lot – to spray pipe cleaners in a colander! Toms also likes to pour them out of the bottle and put back in again and again.


Other activity good for little fingers is to thread large beads or small paper sheets on pipe cleaners, you just have to punch holes in them. Or show your kidos how to do that – they might stick with hole punching and forget about pipe cleaners at all.

I cut pipe cleaners in half, because we don’t need very long wires for these activities – better more shorter pieces.


I have to admit – i am one of those people who collest everything. 😀 So i have saved few different cardboard pipes, which we use to biuld tunnels for little cars. This activity can be set up in less tham 1 minute, thats why i like it so much! I fix the pipes in bed ladders or any other place or toy i find at hand. Toms takes his smallest cars and the fun begins! Minimum age for this kind of activity depends only on cars you have.



When we make this activity in bed, Toms adds boats to it, because in our home every coach gap is a river.

Tip: if you don’t have pipes, you can use simple cardboard sheet to build a ramp or mountain. Or this can be activity variation to prolong your coffee time a little bit.


Ice cub activities are safe for kids of all ages, especially during summer (and of course avoiding the time when kidos are sick). And it is one of the simplest at all times! I put a large towel on floor, put a tray on it and bring ice cubes (lately Toms takes out ice cubes from silicone forms himself). He plays with ice, watch how it melts, tastes it, carry in toy cars etc. Activity ends when hands get too cold and he asks for tea to warm up or when all the ice has melted.



Egg tray is good for sorting and filling-emptying. At first babies and kids can play with chestnuts and spoon, later you can put color papers  in each egg compartment and ask kid to place lego bricks or cotton balls of corresponding color.



Basic materials for this activity are string and pegs. I offered to fasten animal cards, but it can be anything – socks, received greeting cards, kids drawings etc. The job is quite hard at first and kids tend to get angry if they can’t, but it is a good training for their fingers and i believe kids feel very proud when they succeed!


For now that is all. As always i wil be glad to read your impressions about these activities and ideas for new ones! 🙂


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