“Good Night Yoga” and “Good Morning Yoga”, Mariam Gates

Time to time i take a look into bookdepository offers and my last purchase was two wonderful yoga books for kids -“Good Morning Yoga” and “Good Night Yoga”, written by Mariam Gates and ilustrated by Sarah Jane Hinder.

“Good Morning Yoga” book has 12 yoga positions, each of them ilustrated and named by animal or element of nature, or plant to make it more understandable for little kids. At the beginning each position has its own book opening, but after that all positions are grouped together in one opening to do a yoga flow. At the very end one book opening is devoted for visualization “How I Want to Feel Today” with a text for parents to read to their kid. “Good Morning Yoga” video:

“Good Night Yoga” has 11 yoga positions, which are ilustrated and called in the same manner as a nature element or animal. At the end of the book is an opening with a cloud journey visualization and text to help kid to go to sleep. “Good Night Yoga” video:

These books has beautiful and detailed ilustrations, which encourage kids to do yoga. I am not that good of yoga enthusiast to be aware of when it is the right time to breath in and breath out in each position and it isn’t accented in position descriptions, so i have to think a bit of the right way giving my previous knowledge about other yoga positions. But main aim is to move, stretch and improve balance – and both books are exactly for that!


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