My design dish sets. #designedByTomsMom

One of my dreams, my heart-work, which has finaly materialised in real , beautiful dishes…

Although i want to tell you about my work here on my blog, dishes will have their seperate life on FB page “Designed by Tom’s mom”.

Right now my offer consists of dish sets, which includes mug with sheeps, bowl with friendly spider and plates with different drawings – each for one letter.

First happy letters with their own plates are T (of course – for my son), A, R, E, K un M. Next drawings and plates are in process!

I have to explain myself here a little – letters and their connection with drawings are, at firsthand, in latvian, my native language. But i try to choose drawings which at least partially are connected with the same letter also in other languages. However, part of them are not, at least not in english, but i promise to make also english version if there will be requests for that.

It was very important for me that print would be in high quality – without limitations for use with hot dishes or washing in a dish-washer. For the joy of mine, they are!

Dish set (plate 21cm, bowl 17cm, mug 300ml) price: 25€ + shipping.

Plates can be ordered seperately: 11€/piece + shipping.


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