Town with amazing views – Zarasai!

In the middle of August we had a chance to do two things at once – we visited beautiful Lithuanian town Zarasai and European Championship for F2 powerboats.

Zarasai is one of Lithuanian resort towns between many hills and lakes. The town itself is situated by the very beautiful and large Zarasas lake. Lake has a quite large island called Big island – a place for many events and activities all summer long. During powerboat championship there was also camping place on the island.

If you took a walk along the lake, you would absolutely envy local residents for their houses so close to the lake and if you imagine the view from their windows… Houses are situated on a slope so no worries about moisture and every house gets the view.

But the most famous object you could recognize Zarasai town and Zarasas lake is this unique round bridge high above the lake – I am sure you have seen it in some of the best wedding photos from Latvian or Lithuanian couples and the view from it is amazing!

F2 ātrumlaivas Lietuvas pilsētā Zarasai

As for going to sports event and a camping with a baby, I have to say that only thing you have to worry about is being very careful with a kid near water and other potentially dangerous places like cranes in this current event. Yes, do not forget that too much sun can also be dangerous, especially for babies! But otherwise all sports are very important part of healthy life, so it is good to get in touch with it from a very childhood.






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