Advent calendar 2016 (gift for everyone)

Dear readers!

The time of Advent is a time of peace, silence and harmony. However nowadays mostly this time before Christmas is much of a stress with all those end-of-the-year in business, exams and tests and between all of that the Christmas presents… But I like to find the good and bright side everywhere! 🙂 If presents are from heart and maybe even self-made, then getting them ready can bring a lot of joy! The same comes with Advent calendar for kids – You can purchase one of those chocolate calendars and there is nothing bad about it, but You can make one yourself and I am willing to help You with it!

blogs_lielsunmazs_adventes-kalendars-2016_3564I think that 2 years is the right age to explain that You can get 1 small present a day, but only if a toddler can’t reach the calendar himself, so I decided to hang it in front of window curtains by adding 24 packages to a string. I was thinking back and forward about the design of this years calendar till I chose to make small envelope packages like houses and Christmas trees, so my toddler could play a bit with each and at the same time it is quite easy to make.

Well and finally I have got to the line where I want to give you all a gift – a free printable, so You can easy make similar calendar Yourself! Download it here: Adventes kalendārs izdrukai.


blogs_lielsunmazs_adventes-kalendars-2016_3573 blogs_lielsunmazs_adventes-kalendars-2016_3606

You will need:

  • 11 sheets of A4 paper (heavy paper or light cardboard),
  • printer,
  • scissors or office knife,
  • sewing machine or glue,
  • string,
  • small pegs.

When I printed the drawings, I thought they would look even nicer if I added them a little bit of glitter, gold and silver, so I colored few parts of houses and drew some ornaments. If Your kid is older than mine, then he might like to color and decorate the houses and trees himself.

20161128_184405.jpg 20161129_183439.jpg

I stitched the packages with sewing machine, because it gives an interesting contour to them, but You can glue them together, only then You have to remember to cut extra overlapping edges. Sewing or gluing are needed only on both sides of the houses (not on a roof) and bottom third of Christmas trees.

20161129_135720.jpg 20161129_140048.jpg

I am sure everyone has their own opinion about what to put in Advent packages, but I thought that Toms need some 2 pieces puzzle, so I purchased a set of such puzzles with animals and cars to put one pair in each package. For 24th – the Christmas eve – I chose a personalized Christmas ornament with Toms’ name from Elli&Hugo. In remaining packages I will put some snacks – dried fruits and dark chocolate, some biscuit…

20161129_215532.jpg blogs_lielsunmazs_adventes-kalendars-2016_3618

Another ideas for Advent calendar gifts:

  • Lego or domino set divided into 24 little gifts;
  • Pencils, coloring pens, interesting notes paper;
  • Gingerbread tins;
  • Coloring cards (You can find plenty free printables online, for example here);
  • Finger-dolls;
  • …feel free to add Your ideas in comments! 🙂

blogs_lielsunmazs_adventes-kalendars-2016_3582 blogs_lielsunmazs_adventes-kalendars-2016_3569

P.S. Please do not forget about copyrights! If You want to share this project, You can do it by placing a link to this article, but You are not allowed to share the printable .pdf file from Your page. This printable above is meant for private use, not for any commercial actions. Thank You!



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