Happy Easter!

In my childhood Easter Bunny had always brought some small present the night before Easter! I remember waking up on Easter morning and finding something in my bedding drawer or somewhere else in my room. It was so fun surprise every time! I think that is the reason, why I wanted to make a little surprise gift for Toms!

I have been thinking about buying big plastic eggs in different colors and putting something the same color inside – piece of fabric or lego brick or buttons… Recently I saw that Toms is wrapping everything and I remebered about a simple, but imaginative “toy” – knitted or crocheted belts or I call them toy-roads. I put these two ideas together and made an Easter surprise eggs, which Toms will be able to find in a house, countryside and in our car!

Kids are so much more imaginative than adults and they use such colorful belts as roads for small toy cars, they make towers, wrap snails, bake cakes… I added a color sorting activity – he can make snails and put them in their “houses”.

Celebration days are special, so some unhealthy snacks won’t harm. I wanted to add some mini chocolate eggs to each plastic egg and snail, but unfortunately I didn’t imagine these will be out of stocks already few days before Easter! So I had to find another solutions – not what I wanted, but I know that Toms will be happy anyway!


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