I have always thought about writing, but this blog is my first serious experience in it. A little about how it started…

When our family started planning our first road trip for all 3 of us (with a 10 months old), I understood that it is the right time to start my own blog. At first I thought it would be a family travel blog about being together, traveling together and spending weekends together – that is why I decided to name it “Big and Small”. A bit later I understood its other meaning – our little one grow so fast, that he is big and small at the same time. It surprised me and keeps surprising!

Of course when I started writing, more and more ideas what to write about came into my head.  Traveling with a family is the main theme, but I also write about food for baby and kid, show off some of my DIY projects and sometimes I write some emotional post about parenting.


Best regards,


P.S. and now we are four… And now blog name “Big and Small” has got a new meaning for us – one is so tiny and other seems so big!